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This is a statement we hear often.  Mobile pool water purification has actually been around several years in California as well as Nevada and Texas. In 2017 Monarch blazed the trail to bring this concept to Metro Phoenix. Most pool service companies considered this a process that had no chance to succeed. Well, the rest is history. Monarch has already conserved several million gallons of pool water. Pool water purification is alive and well in Arizona folks.

Today we welcome some of those former non-believers as competitors. Shrinking water supplies are rapidly reaching a critical point. Conservation is a responsibility each of us must take more seriously and Monarch Purification is proud to offer a superior alternative to the antiquated tradition of dumping your pool water down the drain.

There are a couple factors that need to be considered before we can quote a pool water purification job. How many gallons of water does your pool hold? What are your TDS levels? Once we have determined those values an accurate quote can be given. We typically like to schedule a no cost pre site consultation with prospective clients where an accurate water sample can be analyzed and gallons calculated. At this time we can go over the logistics of the process.

Water in the southwest is very hard. If you drain your pool water and fill with tap water you possibly will be immediately at the upper levels of calcium recommended for pool water. Our process will take those calcium numbers to the lowest level that is considered safe for your pool.

Pools are always at risk of damage once the water is drained from them. While draining pools has been going on for years there is always a risk of damage when emptied. Most legitimate pool companies are required by their insurance company to have the clients sign a wavier releasing the pool company of any liability if the pool should fail due to draining the water. Its simple, there are times of year when temps are lower that it reduces the risk yet if the insurance companies require a wavier it means bad things can and do happen. Purification eliminates the need to put your pool at a very expensive risk by not draining your pool.

Pool stores love to sell chemicals! That is how they stay profitable and in business. More chemicals only end up causing more issues down the road. Do you like purple stains in your pool? If so just dump in some of their super duper algaecide and the copper that kills the algae will also give you a nice purple stain. Another good one is you need to shock your pool. The last thing your pool needs is more CYA! CYA reduces the killing effectiveness of chlorine. It’s a scientific fact folks! There are defiantly a time and place for some of these products but the over use of them is rampant. Most times all you simply need to do is keep your water fresh and let the chemicals required in swimming pools work more efficiently.

Monarch Purification is a small, privately owned company that provides mobile water purification services to the greater Metro Phoenix area including Anthem, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Carefree, Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale and more!

Conserve your pool water with our reverse osmosis filtration process.

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